Product Features

Everything you need to chart
your course with confidence.

Simplified Modeling

Build your strategy without
the hassle of spreadsheets.

Actionable Results

Know exactly what to
focus on, and when.

Modern Collaboration

Delegate so each department
has a voice in the process.

Stack Costs

Understand how the tech you need
affects your profitability.


Grow your team predictably
and consistently with every hire.


See exactly how your teams
need to sell to reach your goals.

Accelerate your business

Visualize your

It's hard enough to build a future that only a handful of others can see. BurnRate helps visualize that future for you, and helps you break down what needs to be done in order to will it into reality.

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Spend time on growing,
not on spreadsheets.

The more accurate a spreadsheet needs to be, the more complicated it has to be.
Stop for a second and think about that: the better you need it, the worse is gets.
You signed up for the ride to change the world, not to spend your day fighting formulas.


Know when to hire.

When one bad hire can cost six months and
$2M in revenue, you don't have room for mistakes. BurnRate provides unprecedented insight into the hiring process by showing you who you need to hire, and when you need to hire, down to the day a job listing should be posted, in order to have those new hires onboarded and hitting quota at the correct time.

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Help your reps get
profitable, faster.

As soon as a new hire is onboarded, they begin accruing a debt, and that debt won’t be returned until months after they have hit quota consistently. BurnRate provides an in-depth view of profitability on a per-individual level, giving your team better insight into directly how their efforts alone are impacting the companies tragectory as a whole.

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Control your stack costs.

Intelligently coordinate the costs of each team member’s SaaS subscriptions by gaining a full, comprehensive view into how each license is impacting your company’s hiring plan, employee profitabilty, and bottom-line.

Choose company and pricepoint
Assign tools to teams and roles
See how stack affects hiring
See how changes affect tragectory
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